"Instead of thinking about how to get love, begin to offer it. If you give, you receive. There is no other way."
- Osho (via cosmofilius)

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"A candle loses none of its light by lighting another."
- Rumi (via cosmofilius)

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"Here she is, all mine, trying her best to give me all she can. How could I ever hurt her? But I didn’t understand then. That I could hurt somebody so badly she would never recover. That a person can, just by living, damage another human being beyond repair."
- Haruki Murakami, South of the Border, West of the Sun (via 25184)

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"Almost painfully he took his eyes from her."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald, At Your Age (via ii-sm)

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"I think a bullet might hurt a little less than this loneliness"
- exceptionated (via exceptionated)

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"I won’t beg someone to love me. I learned long ago that there is no use in hopeless pleas of trying to make someone stay. I am too good to chase someone who does not know my worth and I am too wild to keep waiting for someone who doesn’t acknowledge my value. I want to be loved unconditionally. I shouldn’t have to fight so hard for it. I do not have the time to prove to someone that I am worth it. I shouldn’t have to prove any of that; I am worth more than that."

Ming D. Liu, A Story A Day #138 

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"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven."
- Milton, John. Paradise Lost. (via lightandbones)

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"I loved you before I ever touched you."
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